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Repairs: We offer complete care for all PC-based systems, including: hardware, backup, disaster recovery and virus protection

Maintenance: We will provide a complete maintenance program, including user protocols and system documentation, to keep the flow of information reliable. Complete documentation of all components pertaining to the computer system is imperative for an efficient maintenance program.

Networks: Networks are an integral part of an efficient information service. There are many ways to configure a network, we will provide and support a network built around your specific needs. Complete documentation of all aspects pertaining to the computer infrastructure is imperative for an efficient maintenance program. All Windows based networks supported.

Internet: Internet access is a major part of today’s technology and is completely supported by Computer Tech Inc. We can provide a total internet solution including : High speed access, Web hosting, VPN connections, e-mail and firewall protection.

Training: By showing you the correct way to organize data, use Windows products, maintain your hardware, document problems and troubleshoot small issues, we enable you to solve minor problems on your own, reducing both your costs and your downtime!

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What Our Customers Say

“ Our former technician was a nightmare. The computers were frequently down and we lost excessive business as a result. The professionals at Computer Tech saved us money by implementing a more efficient system, and we no longer have to apologize to our customers because our computers are down. ”

Dan Buonagurio

Capital Paper Recycling, Weymouth, Ma

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